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Zenith Low Loaders

Benefits of Imarda’s i360

“It just works.”

  • Safety
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Branding and Reputation
  • Ease of Use and Service from Imarda

Zenith Low Loaders is recognized in Western Australia as an industry leader in heavy haulage.

The company began as Zenith Tilt Tray and Low Loader Service over two decades ago and has since observed steady business and customer growth.

With a fleet comprising of over fifty pieces of equipment, Zenith Low Loaders promise their customers safe, reliable and efficient transportation of their equipment.

Zenith Low Loaders have been a customer of Imarda for 12 months.


“We get the job done, efficiently, reliably and safely.”

Driver speed and fatigue management are core concerns at Zenith Low Loaders as the safety and well-being of customer’s equipment is promised to each client, every time. i360 enables management and office staff to monitor driver speed and fatigue compliance from the office, regardless if the vehicle in question is in a neighbouring town or on the other side of Australia. This ensures company vehicles and customers assets are transported by and are in the care of fit and able drivers at all times.

Zenith Low Loaders go even further than just complying with industry and legal regulations to deliver on their safety promise. Drivers take more than the mandated rest periods to reduce fatigue and speed limits are set per driver, per trip, depending on the load, road conditions and weather, in order to reduce the risk of driver related accidents. i360 monitors compliance with these internal standards of operations and alerts designated staff the moment breaches occur.

Preventative maintenance

“It’s a control thing. Breakdowns happen but we’ve got to do our best to avoid them.”

Breakdowns cost Zenith Low Loaders more than just the repair fee; every minute a vehicle sits inoperable is a lost opportunity to be servicing clients as well the time and resources expended dealing with the breakdown as it happens.

While breakdowns can never be completely eliminated, Zenith Low Loaders adopt a ‘prevention is the best cure’ attitude to monitor and control vehicle maintenance costs and servicing. The team uses the service management feature within i360 to monitor, record and alert specific staff members when maintenance or repairs are due to be completed to guarantee all vehicles keep operating at the best of their abilities. Gone are the days when someone had to remember, and then remind others, that a vehicle was due to be serviced; alerts specific to each vehicles optimal maintenance plan have been set up to automate reminders and ensure no task is forgotten.

Operating in business wisdom, Zenith Low Loaders use i360 to do more than just remind them when vehicle servicing or repairs are due. The history and reporting features are used to make informed business decisions, such as "what vehicle is best suited to transport a 100-tonne load to the other side of Australia today?" and operate a safe and reliable fleet of vehicles. The team has the ability to analyse vehicle issues and implement solutions before costly breakdowns occur.

Branding and Reputation

“We use i360 for bragging rights on how we work and how we do it so well.”

The fact that Zenith Low Loaders can track and monitor their vehicles, drivers, and customer’s assets in real time is a competitive advantage directors and managers leverage in their sales, online and face-to-face communications.

The ability to track and locate a vehicle at any time and provide accurate and reliable mileage summaries increases the confidence current and potential clients have in services provided by Zenith Low Loaders. Being able to prove compliance with industry and legal regulations such as speed and driver fatigue management re-enforces the safety and responsibility of Zenith Low Loaders as an organisation and exceeds expectations of the transport services they are able to provide.

The use of i360 allows Zenith Low Loaders to promote themselves as a technology savvy company keeping abreast of the latest developments within their industry. Information supplied by i360 is one of the tools Zenith Low Loaders use to justify their claim of being ‘leaders in their field.’

Ease of Use & Service from Imarda

“We can’t fault the system – it does what we expect it to, all of the time.”

Having used insufficient tracking systems in the past, Zenith Low Loaders conducted extensive research into fleet management solutions before implementing i360. Being able to accurately measure the kilometres travelled per job was a core functionality required of the new system, and functions such as driver management, speed and fatigue compliance, vehicle monitoring as well as integration into other business critical systems is what sealed the deal with Imarda. A centralised hub of business information, real-time and historical, partnered with an easy to navigate user interface showed Zenith Low Loaders exactly how i360 would allow them to spend more time growing their business rather than micro-managing staff and vehicles.

Directors and managers appreciate that i360 is a solution capable of growing alongside their business. Zenith Low Loaders possess a ‘nothing is too much trouble’ attitude regarding customer service and are delighted that the same approach is returned to them by Imarda.