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Vehicle Reporting

Vehicle Reporting

i360’s vehicle reports provide summary and detailed information on vehicle activity, allowing users to rapidly find specific information, whether it is a time-sheet or the length of time a vehicle spent at each customer. Reports include detailed vehicle activity, trip summary/time-sheet, stop summary, idle time and geo-fence activity summary.

Report Types

  • Travel report
  • Trip summary report
  • Vehicle location report
  • Vehicle stop report
  • Excessive idle time report
  • Sensor report


  • Excel, PDF, CSV and other formats
  • Export reports to Google Earth along with events to further visualise activity
  • Specify data to be included e.g. driver login, messages digital IP
  • Schedule reports to be send automatically to your email


  • Reduce admin time spent analysing information and running reports
  • Manipulate data in spreadsheets for custom analysis

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