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Vehicle efficiency | GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

Monitor and review vehicle usage to maximize asset utilisation

i360 - Putting you in the driving seat of your business.

Owning and operating a vehicle fleet is an expensive business. Protect your investment from misuse, damage, and downtime with i360 fixed hardware solutions for all types of fleet.

  • Extend the life of heavy equipment, fleet vehicles and fixed assets through improved maintenance management and fault code alerts.
  • Limit the impact of vehicle maintenance and service on your business by scheduling, tracking and receiving alerts for the maintenance of your fleet based on operating hours, distance travelled or after a fixed period of time has elapsed.
  • Build a history of fault codes and logged issues for each vehicle to assist in maintenance scheduling and preventative action to reduce the risk of impact to business profits.
  • Reduce fuel consumption by monitoring and reducing idle time. Measure and report actual fuel consumption per vehicle per trip and identify excessive fuel usage driving styles*.

Few fleet management or mobile resource management systems are able to capture raw data from an engine’s management interface. i360’s engine management functionality is able to take this further by providing correlated data to indicate overall vehicle stress for an individual trip or over a reported duration.

Security of off-site equipment, vehicles, and staff is not just essential, it’s business critical. Theft, damage, and unauthorized use can cost not just money, but time and harm to your company’s reputation.

Using i360’s geo-fence and driver ID functionality, you can set alerts to monitor out-of-hours movement of vehicles. It offers an additional level of security, disabling a vehicle if an unauthorized driver tries to operate it out of hours.

You’ll learn not only where your vehicles are, but what they're doing, and be alerted by SMS or email if an event occurs outside of specified parameters; for example if a door is opened when the vehicle is not at a delivery location. Incorporate sensing data to capture information unique to your operation; for example the internal temperature of container units. i360 helps reduce private use of company vehicles, resulting in lower fuel and operational costs.


*Dependent on vehicle type and availability of data from the vehicle computer.

Protect yourself and your assets by investing in an i360 solution today. To understand the benefits i360 solutions can deliver to your business, contact us or talk to one of our business analysts today.

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