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Two Way Messaging and Navigation

Two Way Messaging and Navigation

Turn-by-turn directions direct drivers to their destinations with full two-way, messaging with dispatchers and supervisors.

i360 simplifies communication with drivers by providing full two-way messaging to drivers via in-vehicle displays. Using pre-defined messages or full text entry, drivers have the ability to receive jobs and instructions from dispatchers. Turn-by-turn navigation is also supported by certain types of in-cab display and dispatchers can even send route and destination information directly to the navigation system.

I360’s messaging supports sending messages to/from both in-cab and smartphone devices. As well as showing message history, the mailbox style interface displays the status of messages so that users can see if a message has been delivered and read or deleted by the recipient.

The messaging system is tightly integrated into i360’s ActionEngine™, allowing the automation of definable messages and alerts. ‘Send RouteTo’ messages include the destination address for navigation-equipped displays; On pushing the ‘Route’ button, the driver is directed to the destination with turn-by-turn navigation.


  • Message status including delivered, read, deleted
  • View messages by conversation thread
  • Configurable message templates for quick responses and uniform data entry
  • Messaging to in-cab display (vehicle) or smartphone (user)
  • More efficient route optimisation, navigation, job scheduling and management
  • Maximising the utilisation of mobile


  • Reduce communications costs
  • Record of communications and that messages have been delivered – no more ”I didn’t get that message”
  • Capture information when and where it occurred; e.g. “Job Completed”

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