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Large Australian Supermarket

Benefits of Imarda’s i360

Our customer is one of the largest providers of fresh food in Australia and they work hard to make their customers happy by providing them with nothing but the best quality food.

To ensure they make their customers happy the transportation of fresh food to their outlets must run like clockwork. In order to do this they invest heavily in automated distribution centres and contract transport companies to haul their trailers filled with good’s en route to a vast store network in a seamless manner.

“Your system provides continuous real time visibility of our operation. We couldn’t do this job without it”– Distribution Centre Transport Manager.

Imarda provides business critical technology to ensure the most vital part of this process runs without hindrance. Each trailer owned by our customer is tracked to provide complete visibility of its whereabouts outside of the distribution centre.

“Your system is vital to running our business and is critical for validating our contracts with our towing vendors”– National Operations Manager.

Alerts are generated if trailer doors are left open outside of designated geographical locations to eliminate stock shrinkage, and reports are produced to verify their contracted transport companies are meeting service level agreements.