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Social Responsibility | GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

Invest in your triple bottom line

Invest in your triple bottom line

At Imarda, we are driven to make a difference to our planet by helping our customers to do more work, with fewer vehicles in a shorter time; therefore saving money, time and energy.

We believe in one thing: mobile resource management for a better world. It’s our guiding principle and influences what we do, every minute of every day. We take the time to invest in our triple bottom line – profitability, people and the planet. The i360 solution allows you to focus on your social responsibility by:

  • Monitoring no-drive zones using geo-fences for residential areas and public spaces.
  • Monitoring driver behaviour to guarantee drivers are behaving responsibly while operating your vehicles and representing your business.
  • Managing fatigue for your drivers and field staff in keeping with the latest duty of care industry regulations, such as hours of service.
  • Putting safer vehicles on the road by using i360 service manager to help keep on top of routine maintenance and track mechanical service history of vehicles.

i360 keeps your mobile resources running at full capacity. To understand the benefits i360 solutions can deliver to your business, contact us or talk to one of our business analysts today.

i360: a solution for every type of business.


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