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Service Management

Plan, schedule and record vehicle maintenance costs and history. Automate notifications for service activity on a distance, time or per-hour operating basis.

The i360 service management functionality allows companies to proactively manage vehicle servicing through the use of service schedules. One or more service schedules can be applied to a vehicle and i360 provides notifications and alerts of upcoming and overdue servicing. The service management feature also tracks service history and costs in order to record a fleet-wide view of service and maintenance activity.


  • Minimise vehicle downtime by proactively managing and scheduling vehicle servicing
  • Efficiently manage records to ensure lower administration costs
  • Reduce disruption and costs from un-expected break downs
  • Save on servicing costs by only servicing when needed
  • Meet compliance obligations and monitor workshop performance


  • Save admin time resolving incidents
  • Receive real-time incident alerts
  • Reduce risk and liability
  • Ensure and prove compliance
  • Ensure the safety of your drivers
  • Protect your insurance premium
  • Protect your company’s reputation
Service Management

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