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Productivity in GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

Increase profitability

Every mile counts. An i360 solution will save you money by monitoring excessive idling and speeding – this will help reduce fuel consumption and avoid fines associated with aggressive driving behaviour and non-compliance. With i360 you can measure and report on key indicators of productivity and profitability. How you monitor your business ‘yield’ - whether in terms of tons transported, jobs completed in a day or hours on the road - will drive the revenue potential of your business.

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Maximise productivity

Whether you’re managing a workforce of mobile field staff, responding to unplanned events or outages or managing a large-scale retail delivery operation, the i360 technology platform offers a flexible and scalable solution that delivers real-time business wisdom into a dynamic business environment.

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Vehicle efficiency

Owning and operating a vehicle fleet is an expensive business. Protect your investment from misuse, damage and downtime with i360 fixed hardware solutions for all types of fleet.

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Industry compliance

Companies are increasingly looking to fleet management systems to help them comply with industry regulations and safety legislation such as fatigue management and hours of service as well as regulations for safe handling of hazardous cargos. Failure to comply can be costly not only in fines and the potential loss of driver and business licences but in the time it takes to implement and monitor compliance across your business.

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