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Achieve a Greener Fleet

Green fleet

How can a business reduce its carbon footprint while operating a vehicle fleet? Inefficient fuel consumption, overtime and under-maintained vehicles have a real impact on our planet and the communities in which every business operates.

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Efficient fuel usage

With fuel as one of your largest expenses and global prices rising, every gallon counts. How you manage your fuel usage has a direct impact on your business profits. Being able to monitor driver behaviour is instrumental to ensuring your fleet is fuel efficient. Excessive fuel usage through aggressive driving behaviour or vehicles left idling is costing your business every minute.

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Social responsibility

Imarda was founded in 2007, following the acquisition of two companies that had a combined 11 years of experience building fleet management systems. Its technology heritage has ensured the company’s solid reputation in the industry as an experienced service provider, a trusted company that our customers can rely on.

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