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Pestrid Pest Control

Benefits of Imarda’s i360

“Couldn’t run the business effectively without it”

  • Saves time and costs
  • Enables effective time management
  • Increased customer service
  • Increased level of safety
  • Fuel Savings

For over 30 years, Pestrid has been providing pest control management solutions & professional customer service to an extensive client base across the greater Sydney area.

Based in Sydney's Northern Beaches, their fully qualified technicians service all of the Sydney metropolitan area including the Blue Mountains.

Pestrid Pest Control Pty Ltd was incorporated in 1984 by Jim Eastwood and his legacy passed on to his son Gary, who joined Pestrid in 1987. 

As this small family business has expanded, Directors, Gary & Michelle Eastwood, pride themselves on ensuring the Pestrid team continues to execute the foundation values of Pestrid by providing their customers with professional, safe, effective pest control solutions & excellent customer service.

Pestrid have been a customer of Imarda for 9 years. 

Saves time and reduces costs

“Well and truly pays for itself”

i360 allows Gary to ensure his workers have the right jobs at the right time. Using i360 he can easily locate and dispatch jobs to his nearest available workers avoiding unnecessarily long travel time.

“Completely eliminated all moonlighting”

With complete visibility of his entire workforce while out in the field, Gary has been able to eliminate all instances of workers using Pestrid’s equipment and stock to complete personal cash jobs, eliminating stock shrinkage and lost revenue.

Effective time management

“Workers can easily view job details and do not need to deal with paper work, they can spend more time completing jobs rather than spending vast amounts of time on the phone to the office finding out more about this job or the next one”

“Our workers prefer having tracking as it eliminates paperwork they once had to do”

With the help of i360, Gary’s workers now spend far less time on the phone to the back office and are spending more of their time while on job sites completing the work required. Gary has found this to have a positive impact on the amount of time it takes to complete jobs, while also improving the customer perception of work being completed. Gary initially expected his workers to feel as though i360 was ‘big brother’; however upon implementation he soon found that his workers preferred having i360 as they were no longer required to complete once time consuming paperwork.

Increased customer service

"In our business, any complaints we have don’t occur immediately – by having historical data within the system we can look back at when the job occurred to verify what’s happened.”

In using the reporting functionality within i360 Gary is able to approach any customer complaint with ease. The ability to look back in time and verify the work his team have completed is vital.

“More often than not our customers have queries of time spent on site. To be able to show a customer a report within i360 that proves work being completed is so important in ensuring we maintain a high level of customer service and satisfaction”.

“i360 is a credibility tool that allows us to show new customers that we can meet a very high level of service”

When Gary speaks to new customers about how Pestrid can provide the service levels they do, he explains the role i360 has within Pestrid, in order to demonstrate how the technology actually enables Him and His team to back their promises and work up with visible facts.

Increased level of safety

"We are able to monitor vehicles speeding to ensure our workers are staying safe while out on the road”

Before implementing i360 Gary had an instance in which he was alerted by a member of the public of one of his team speeding in a work vehicle. With i360 and through the use of a vehicle speeding alert, Gary is now able to manage instances of speeding before having to learn of it from the public.

Fuel Savings

"We gain efficiency with messaging and monitoring and in turn save fuel”

Gary has found he has been able to reduce the amount of fuel his business uses with i360. By optimising route usage and dispatching jobs effectively to avoid long travel time, Gary has reduced his environmental impact and in turn has achieved a higher level of cost savings.