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People and Human Resources

Improve customer service

i360 provides real-time tracking data to improve your customers’ level of satisfaction by updating customers on delivery and service schedules. With the improved visibility provided by i360’s geo-fencing, two-way messaging and alerts features, you’re able to communicate with confidence accurate delivery times and supply chain management because you’ll know where supplies and in-transit inventory is located.

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Driver safety

You’re responsible for your driver's safety when they’re on the job. While you cannot eliminate the risks, you can reduce exposure to unsafe driver and vehicle operations by utilising a range of i360 functionality to account for every minute your vehicles and drivers are on the clock.

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Mobile workforce management

Managing a mobile workforce or mixed fleet operation presents a number of contradictory goals and objectives. How do you ensure regulatory compliance while avoiding the perception that Big Brother is watching?

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The ability for a dispatcher to send a message directly to a vehicle and for drivers to respond is a must in today’s competitive business environment. Time is of the essence as organisations build their business and reputation on delivering outstanding customer service.

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