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Maximize productivity | GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

Have confidence that your routes and vehicles are fully utilised

i360 - Putting you in the driving seat of your business.

The i360 cloud platform offers a flexible and scalable GPS fleet management solution that delivers real-time business wisdom and helps maximize productivity by:

  • Automating manual admin processes such as job management, time sheeting, vehicle and driver log-keeping.
  • Communicating with your drivers and providing voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions to route them with ease and efficiency.
  • Enabling staff to redirect or dispatch the closest resources to service jobs or deliveries as they are booked.
  • Resolving disputes faster and reducing time spent on investigating incidents with the integration of i360’s Incident Manager and the V1000 HD Camera.

i360 provides management staff with the tools to manage mobile teams effectively. Access reports on average speed, stops per day and hour, daily mileage and driver behavior to maximize fleet productivity. Know where your mobile workforce are every minute of every day with driver identification and time card validation. Managers and owners will be able to easily access information about when staff arrive and leave depots and job sites, and replay vehicle and driver activity to identify unauthorized use and productivity levels.

i360 keeps your mobile resources running at full capacity. To understand the benefits i360 solutions can deliver to your business, contact us or talk to one of our business analysts today.

i360: a solution for every type of business.


i360 features: Maximize productivity