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Mackay Transit Coaches

Benefits of Imarda’s i360


“i360 is never short of a solution.”

  • Complete visibility of business
  • Increased customer service
  • Can now effectively monitor and report on their fleet
  • Operate a safer fleet

Serving the Mackay region’s transport needs for 40 years, Mackay Transit Coaches has grown from a small operation to one of the most trusted and professional services in North Queensland, Australia. With a fleet of more than 70 vehicles, Mackay Transit Coaches operates school, urban route, mine transfer and charter/tour services.

Safety and superior customer service are top priorities for Mackay Transit Coaches who consistently monitor and upgrade its facilities and services to ensure the ultimate in comfort, safety and value for passengers. Mackay Transit Coaches have been a customer of Imarda for 7 years.

Complete Business Visibility

“Sitting at my desk, I assume all operations are running smoothly. With i360, I KNOW whether they are or not.”

“I can see at a glance that everything is happening how it is supposed to and monitor the little things that in the past would have slipped by unnoticed.”

i360 provides Mackay Transit Coaches with a breadth of information which was previously a time consuming and hard to manage process. Logging into i360 is the hardest part of managing the bus and coach fleet – i360 supplies all relevant information in one, easy to digest, interface and displays what is happening on the road in real time. Mackay Transit Coaches use i360 to monitor how drivers are operating their vehicles and can deal with inconsistencies in a justified manner. There is ample access to i360 via smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers, which results in complete visibility of the business either in the office or out.

Increased Customer Service

“i360 allows us to provide a better service and experience to our customers because any information they require is just a click away.”

i360 provides Mackay Transit Coaches access to information in real time. Customer queries such as “how far away is my bus?” can be answered efficiently and effectively, reducing the amount of time staff spend locating information.

“All the information I need is in one cohesive and easy to use system; thus making tasks and information locating much easier to complete.”

Can now effectively monitor and report on their fleet

“We can pull a report and there’s the proof; our bus was in the correct location at the correct time.”

Mackay Transit Coaches use i360 to monitor, record, and report that their fleet is reaching and leaving their destinations at the correct time. Vehicle accountability is a core focus for MTC, from every single bus stop in the urban area, to pick-up and drop-off zones at the mines.

“i360 is an information tool making our lives easier.”

Operate a safer fleet

“i360 solves arguments, no questions.”

Mackay Transit Coaches have buses running up to 21 hours a day, 7 days a week. In order to supply a safe and reliable service, MTC rely on their drivers to maintain and meet passenger and contractor standards and expectations. With i360’s driver behaviour feature MTC are able to monitor the speeding habits and driving capabilities of staff. Before i360 was implemented, access to this information was extremely limited. Real time alerts provide instant notifications to management when speed limits have been breached and reinforce driver accountabilities.