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Live Tracking

Live Tracking

i360’s live tracking displays the location of the tracked assets on a map in real time.

This makes it possible to implement cost-effective tracking of vehicles, vans, trucks, construction equipment and mobile phones, using device-agnostic technology – then visualise it all in a single solution. i360 uses Google maps to provide up-to-date maps with Google Earth and Street View support.


  • Know where all your assets are in real time
  • Find nearest asset to a selected location
  • Google maps including Google Earth and Street View
  • Display information about current asset status
  • Configurable information per asset
  • Icons show visual status at a glance
  • See driver information - who and how long
  • Report times that vehicles enter and exit sites, which allows you to optimise resource usage and demonstrate proof of service
  • Show vehicle's historical travel


  • Reduce time theft/overtime
  • Increase work done
  • Accurate time sheets
  • Improve efficiency

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