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Infrastructure Management Group

Benefits of Imarda’s i360


“i360 is a window between my office and the field.”

  • Reduce workload for fleet operators
  • Increase driver safety
  • Efficient dispatch

Infrastructure Management Group is a professional road, footpath and kerb survey company who prides themselves on providing the highest quality of data capture possible.

Supplying asset assessment services to over 150 councils, each year thousands of kilometres of roads and footpaths are examined using the most advanced automated video and laser assessment technology available.

Utilising a fleet of Vans and Quad bikes, surfaces ranging from remote NSW terrain to urban streets and paths are inspected.

Infrastructure Management Group has been a customer of Imarda for 7 years. 

Reduce workload for fleet operators

“i360 helps us save time and resources.”

i360 monitors vehicle kilometres, registrations and services, eliminating the need for driver awareness of such functions. Alerts are automated and provide insight into the working ability of each vehicle.

i360 and its ability to integrate with other technology systems means that the use of data capturing technology on board Infrastructure Management Group vehicles can be monitored and reported, eliminating these functions from fleet operators tasks.

Increase Driver Safety

“Positioning is vital. I need to know where the vehicles are and how to get to them if something is wrong.”

Infrastructure Management Group frequently surveys up to 500km roads (and back) in remote locations so it is vital for the safety of the drivers that management can locate them at any time. Since implementing i360, management can see the location of their entire fleet at any given time and can plan rescue routes in seconds if required. 

Efficient Dispatch

“i360 makes my job more efficient.”

Infrastructure Management Group provides survey services to councils Australia wide. Being able to see where each vehicle is and having the capabilities of that vehicle clearly identified, means the best available vehicle for a job can be dispatched. Preventing breakdowns, and the subsequent dispatch of another vehicle, results in a more efficient dispatch process which in turn saves Infrastructure Management Group time and money.

i360 is always a fast, reliable and accurate source of information.