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Industry compliance | GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

Mitigate the risk by ensuring that your obligations are fully met

i360 - Putting you in the driving seat of your business.

Companies are increasingly looking to fleet management systems to help them comply with industry regulations and safety legislation such as fatigue management and hours of service as well as regulations for safe handling of hazardous cargos. Failure to comply can be costly not only in fines and the potential loss of driver and business licenses but in the time it takes to implement and monitor compliance across your business.

i360 provides a range of solutions to take the hassle out of monitoring compliance, making it easy for your drivers to stay on the right side of the law.

  • Mitigate risk by ensuring your obligations as a business are automatically incorporated into the data collected by your drivers, vehicles, and logistics every minute of every day.
  • i360 provides definitive proof of exactly where and when deliveries are made and work is undertaken, preventing any disputes over arrival and departure times.
  • Incorporate guaranteed arrival times, proof of delivery, and other contractual obligations set out in customer service-level agreements into daily operations using the ActionEngine™ to create business rules that manage your business dynamically.
    • Restrict drivers to operating vehicles and equipment they are certified on and be alerted if any attempts are made by unauthorized employees to drive specific vehicles with driver ID.
    • Use the fatigue management function to ensure workers do not exceed the legal hours of service and that they take breaks and rest stops at predetermined times.

i360 keeps your mobile resources running at full capacity. To understand the benefits i360 solutions can deliver to your business contact us or talk to one of our business analysts today.

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