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Increase profitability | GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

Maximize the return on your investment

i360 - Putting you in the driving seat of your business.

How do you ensure that you’re getting the best return from your mobile assets?

Every mile counts. An i360 solution will save you money by monitoring excessive idling and speeding – this will help reduce fuel consumption and avoid fines associated with aggressive driving behavior and non-compliance. With i360 you can measure and report on key indicators of productivity and profitability. How you monitor your business ‘yield’ - whether that is tons transported, jobs completed in a day, or hours on the road - will drive the revenue potential of your business.

  • Make sure your drivers are taking the most efficient route to their destination; fewer miles traveled means reduced fuel consumption and more completed jobs per driver per day
  • Send RouteTo Messages including the destination address to navigation-equipped displays. With a simple touch of a button the driver is directed to the destination with turn-by turn-navigation
  • Save time resolving accidents, manage no-fault incidents efficiently and save money on the rising costs of insurance with the i360 Sight in-cab HD camera solution.

i360 helps improve mobile staff productivity by automating manual processes such as job management, vehicle log keeping, processing orders, and maintaining time sheets. With i360 taking care of the details, your staff in the field and the office will have the time to focus on what matters: getting the job done.

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i360 keeps your mobile resources running at full capacity. To understand the benefits i360 solutions can deliver to your business contact us or talk to one of our business analysts today.

i360: a solution for every type of business.


i360 features: Increase profitability