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Incident Manager

Multi Fleet

i360’s Incident Manager captures exactly what happened in the event of an incident with our black-box solution.

Manage and view detailed vehicle information resulting from events such as harsh breaking and cornering, speeding and G-force sensors. Configure alerts for notification of events involving your vehicles so you can quickly resolve potential risks or impact to your business.


  • Capture what happened in a vehicle at the time of an incident, from speed traveled to G-forces acting on the vehicle, to brakes and accelerator position
  • Store information on the box and upload it to the platform as needed
  • Easily configure automated alerts for different types of incidents
  • View a summary of an incident
  • Optional features: integrate with the V1000 HD Camera to manage and view video footage in-conjunction with i360 incident reports including accelerometer and G-force sensor data.


  • Save admin time resolving incidents
  • Receive real-time incident alerts
  • Reduce risk and liability
  • Ensure and prove compliance
  • Ensure the safety of your drivers
  • Protect your insurance premium
  • Protect your company’s reputation

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