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Improve customer service | GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

Unlock your customer service potential

Why keep your customers in the dark?

i360 provides real-time tracking data to improve your customers’ level of satisfaction by updating customers on delivery and service schedules. With the improved visibility provided by i360’s geo-fencing, two-way messaging, and alerts features, you’re able to communicate with confidence about accurate delivery times and supply chain management because you’ll know where supplies and in-transit inventory is located. By acting on the intelligence i360 provides, you can reduce operational inefficiencies and vehicle downtime, increase customer service levels, and track vehicle locations in real time - and ultimately improve your business productivity.

In all customer-focused business, time is of the essence and outstanding customer service is critical in today’s competitive business environment. With staff deployed in the field you need to capture accurate data to make time-pressured business decisions.

The new i360 iPhone application allows you to monitor your mobile workers' locations, create and assign jobs and send messages to them. You can send job information, directions and messages to a field worker who may be associated with a vehicle. i360’s Phone messaging allows an i360 user to communicate with field workers via their smart phone rather than requiring a dedicated in-vehicle display.

To understand the benefits i360 solutions can deliver to your business, contact us or talk to one of our business analysts today.

i360: a solution for every type of business.


i360 features: Improve customer service