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Availability of i360 for US customers

Nov 26, 2010

Mobile Resource Management (MRM) company Imarda Inc is pleased to announce that it has upgraded its North American customers to its recently released i360 platform.

Following a ground up, two year development program and extensive testing with Australasian customers, Imarda has successfully migrated all its North American customers from its legacy product (SmartTrack) to i360.

"The upgrade to i360 went extremely smoothly and we were able to accomplish this without physically visiting any vehicles. In fact we even upgraded the modem firmware and Windows CE operating system remotely at the same time," says Imarda CEO Selwyn Pellett.

"This successful remote transition is a critical part of the i360 story. I360 was designed to meet the needs of the sophisticated Fleet Management Services refresh market. These customers are experienced users and have already made a significant investment in hardware, systems and training. Any transition to any new technology for a customer has to be painless and secure as often these applications are mission critical," says Pellett.

I360 delivers to customers a fully web-based Mobile Resource Management application that as well as providing all the features expected in current Fleet Management Services (FMS) offerings also boasts a number of extensible features, from a fully configurable user interfaces to i360's Business Wisdom Engine which is backed by a custom scripting language called IXL (Imarda Expression Language). This framework enables a customer to define and implement business logic that matches their current or desired operation.

"In meeting customers it became clear that what is critical to them, and drives their competitive advantage, is the specialised business knowledge they have developed over years or even decades. Any system that requires the customer to discard this knowledge, or does not provide a way for them to leverage these business rules via their systems, is doomed to failure. So we've specially designed i360 to provide a flexible framework that lets customers maximise their competitive advantage by implementing the business logic they've already developed," says Pellett.

Latest News

Oct 30, 2015

Coretex merger complete; Milford invests $6 million

Leading fleet management technology companies International Telematics Holdings Limited (ITHL) and Imarda Pty Ltd, have formally merged to form Coretex Ltd. Following the merger, Milford Active Growth Fund has invested NZD $6 million in Coretex and will invest up to a total of NZD $10 million.

May 15, 2015

International Telematics and Imarda to merge and become 'Coretex'

Leading fleet management technology companies, International Telematics Holdings Limited (ITHL) and Imarda Pty Ltd, have announced their intention to merge and form a new entity named ‘Coretex’.

Jul 8, 2013

Sign-on glass & image capture

Imarda are pleased to announce the latest release of their cloud-based enterprise fleet management platform, i360. With this release Imarda has delivered users, invisible Geo-fencing, image capture and sign on glass for jobs, as well as further user interface and performance enhancements

Mar 21, 2013

Imarda to accelerate platform development through licensing deal

Imarda Pty Ltd has today announced a licensing agreement with Fern Digital Ltd; a New Zealand –based developer of business solutions. Under the licensing agreement Imarda can integrate all of Fern’s intellectual property into its i360 fleet management platform.

Oct 8, 2012

Imarda named preferred telematics provider for New Zealand Police

Imarda are pleased to announce its selection as the preferred supplier for the New Zealand Police Department’s GPS Vehicle Tracking System.