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Capture every moment on the road with i360 Sight

New ISight in cab camera

i360 Sight, the all-in-one forward facing camera and fleet tracking solution by Imarda, is taking fleet management to the next level. i360 Sight allows you to capture exactly what is happening in front of your vehicle whenever it’s driving.

It works by combining an in-cab HD camera, that captures footage, together with Imarda’s i360 software with its advanced incident management features. The camera continually stores video and when an incident occurs, the relevant video including a window immediately before and after the event, is uploaded directly to our i360 cloud platform. For many fleets, large and small, this allows you to address key concerns around compliance and manage no-fault incidents in the face of rising insurance costs.

Made in Germany, our robust camera is industrial-grade, tamper-proof and comes with a standard 2 year warranty. It supports 3 programmable levels of incidents with different upload algorithms, trigger thresholds and pre/post event settings for each level. The camera also auto-calibrates G-force sensors to ensure accurate recording of impact forces, significantly reducing false impacts and redundant responses.

i360 Sight is unique in that it delivers a fully integrated fleet management tracking and video monitoring solution in a single unit. Users can view consolidated tracking and camera footage in the i360 cloud platform and access advanced functionalities including:

  • SMS/Email alerts for real time notification of serious accidents or incidents
  • Management and viewing of camera footage and incident reports in-conjunction with additional vehicle data (accelerometer, G-force sensors)

i360 Sight protects your company and your drivers by providing an impartial set of eyes in-cab at all times.


Single Solution for Tracking and Video

Single Click Video viewing from within i360. No changing between applications and manually trying to cross link video to tracking information.

Save time and money on insurance

Process and resolve disputes faster. Reduce insurance premiums (with certain insurers)

Protect your reputation

Be able to prove who is at fault in an incident.

Safer drivers and less incidents

Proven reduction in frequency of accidents.

Respects driver privacy

Forward-facing cameras mean that drivers aren’t visible when they’re driving.

Set it and forget it

Camera starts recording when ignition is turned on.

Integrated solution

i360 Sight integrates the camera, box (if required) and software. For a single, easy solution and user experience.


  • GPS/3G enabled with live tracking
  • HD forward-facing camera unit
  • Always on recording when ignition is live
  • Auto-upload of data at time of event
  • Configurable trigger levels
  • Secure transmission of data
  • Auto-calibration of G-force sensors to ensure accurate recording of impact forces
  • Monitors speed at 10 HZ (10 times per second) to ensure accurate tracking of split-second accidents.
  • 3 levels of configurable in-built triggers (low, medium, high)
  • Stream to on-board memory and remote location simultaneously
  • Software updates over the air
  • Remote diagnostics
  • 32GB Micro SD card
  • ISO9000 accredited
  • Anti-glare mounting brackets
  • 3 month internal battery back up
  • 2 year warranty
i360 direct - GPS Fleet Tracking and Reporting

With a single camera install you can
take advantage of all of these i360 Direct Features:

Camera Specifications

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