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Gutter-Snipe Gutter Cleaners

Benefits of Imarda’s i360

“We are spending time on more productive tasks rather than monitoring staff. How did we cope without it?”

  • Enhanced business efficiency
  • Driver safety
  • Additional customer satisfaction

Operating in the Sydney region for over 25 years, Gutter-Snipe Gutter Cleaners clean roof gutters on private, commercial, government and strata buildings.   

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for the team at Gutter-Snipe. Satisfied customers are repeat customers and i360 enables Gutter-Snipe to provide better service to their clients.

Gutter-Snipe have been a customer of Imarda for 6 years.

Enhanced Business Efficiency

“My stress levels have reduced markedly since purchasing the system.”

Before implementing Imarda’s technology, it was easy for some staff at Gutter-Snipe Gutter Cleaners to invent their time sheets.  Lunch breaks, job duration and returning to base times were often inaccurate, resulting in time consuming confirmation processes and in some cases, the overpayment of wages. The Live Tracking and Replay features of i360 have completely eliminated this problem. The owner of Gutter-Snipe can track in real time exactly where the staff are and use the system at any time to confirm hours listed on timesheets.

The need to authenticate timesheets before distributing wages used to mean that the owner could not be away from the business for more than two weeks at a time. Remote access to i360, specifically the Daily Reports function, recently enabled the owner to take a three week vacation overseas. The ability to accurately pay staff from abroad was due to i360 verifying the hours the staff had worked.

Driver safety

“Using i360 is like being in the vehicle myself”

Gutter-Snipe displays their contact phone number on the side of all company vehicles enabling other road users to call in and report if they witness improper driving. In the past, the owner of Gutter-Snipe has had to rely on the word of staff and act accordingly; now the Replay/History feature within i360 provides reliable and verified reports of any vehicles use, on any day, at any time.

The driver report functions in i360 enable the owner of Gutter-Snipe to administer a driver code of conduct for company vehicles. i360 is used to ensure vehicles are being used safely and highlight key areas for improvement. For example, speed breaches, which in the past could only have been proven through speeding tickets, can be identified as soon as they happen and dealt with according to the severity of offense. i360 easily identifies if such offenses are a one-off or regular occurrence and highlights to the owner exactly where each driver has room to improve. Gutter-Snipe’s staff are accountable for their use of company vehicles and they know that the owner can check-in at any time, even from overseas.

Provide a better customer experience

“Efficient use of a client’s time is vital for providing excellent service”

The use of i360 helps Gutter-Snipe staff to provide a better customer experience to their clients. Previously, an operator’s whereabouts and proximity to a job were ambiguous causing customer frustration. Calls to headquarters asking when an operator could be expected would require back and forth phone calls – a time and resource intense process. Using i360 simplifies the handling of these enquiries.  Looking at the Live Tracking page on the office computer provides instant answers which can be communicated appropriately to the customer. Similarly, queries regarding an operator’s time spent on a job can be confirmed, without a doubt, using i360.

i360 facilitates efficient dispatch and routing as the closest available operator can be allocated when jobs are received. The ‘Route To’ function then identifies the fastest way to the job which means the client’s needs can be serviced quickly and effectively.

The use of i360 saves Gutter-Snipe Gutter Cleaners time, fuel and money.