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Greener Fleet | GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

Get green, get i360

Putting the environment at the heart of MRM

How can a business reduce its carbon footprint while operating a vehicle fleet? Inefficient fuel consumption, overtime, and under-maintained vehicles have a real impact on our planet and the communities in which every business operates.

Heightened concern and tighter government and industry regulations mean it is time to invest in solutions that monitor and record your vehicle data to calculate your carbon footprint. Reduced environmental impact is part of Imarda’s vision for its product; with this in mind the i360 technology has been developed to support green initiatives in fleet operations.

  • Use i360’s job management functionality to accurately co-ordinate jobs and resulting travel time to ensure the most effective route is taken and less time is spent on the road.
  • Harsh braking and over-revving impact the environment and shorten vehicle lifespans. With i360 you can monitor driver behavior to reduce fuel usage and operational wear and tear.
  • i360 service management functionality allows fleet operators to monitor maintenance and routine servicing to detect common mechanical issues such as oil leaking, and ensure all vehicles in use are fit for purpose
  • Reporting enables decision makers to review fleet performance, monitor fleet performance against key measures to drive improvements in fuel efficiency and create greener operating practices.

To understand the benefits i360 solutions can deliver to your business, contact us or talk to one of our customer service representatives today.

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