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Easily define geographic boundaries, record activity associated with each location or create alerts if a boundary is crossed.

i360’s geo-fence feature allows you to simply create complex shapes around different areas and record entry and exit activity associated with each geo-fence. The time within each geo-fence is also recorded; timeouts and speed limits can be associated with a geo-fence and used to trigger alerts.

Create virtual boundaries around locations such as customer sites, company depots and distribution centres. Run reports that show specific information about each location e.g. the time vehicles arrived and departed the site. The i360 Location Manager provides you and your customers with immediate information about the activity taking place on specific sites and has the ability to send email or SMS alerts when a vehicle arrives at or departs a location.


  • Polygon geo-fences
  • Support of both device and service side geo-fences depending on hardware capability
  • Up to 300 on-board geo-fences (depending on hardware)
  • Geo-fence grouping
  • Vehicle/fleet specific geo-fences
  • Manual or automated assignment of geo-fences to vehicles
  • Entry, exit, speeding and timeout alerts per geo-fence
  • Reporting of geo-fence entry/exit, time in geo-fence, distance in geo-fence, cycle times between geo-fences


  • Measure time spent at each customer, or group of customers
  • Improve delivery times by setting timeout alerts
  • See when staff leave and arrive at home base
  • When used in conjunction with i360’s definable data and ActionEngine features, it is possible to automatically send a geo-fence-dependent message to entering a geo-fence area

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