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FMS for Utilities & Technology

Drive bottom-line results

FMS-conscious utilities or technology providers that have deployed Imarda i360 solutions enjoy the end-to-end benefits that only a total mobile resource management solution can provide enterprise organizations. i360’s hardware-agnostic technology supports a wide range of specialised mobile resource management hardware as well as smart phones, allowing utilities to integrate the i360 solution with existing in-vehicle hardware, reducing capital expenditure. i360 is capable of powering multiple applications to meet a variety of requirements across different types and combinations of vehicle fleets, mobile workforces, and industries.

Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) for the utilities and technology sectors.

Mission critical – do you have the right tools for the job?

Whether you’re managing a workforce of service representatives in the field, responding to unplanned events or outages, or conducting regular or planned maintenance and repair work, the i360 technology platform offers a flexible and scalable solution that delivers real-time business wisdom into a dynamic business environment. By acting on the intelligence i360 provides, businesses are able to reduce operational and compliance costs, increase efficiencies and customer service levels, and ultimately improve business profitability.

  • Connect the back office with the field to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date data is available to manage your business.
  • Create and assign jobs to vehicles and drivers on the move, monitor job status in real time and automate delivery confirmation and invoicing with i360’s job management functionality.
  • Pro-actively manage the servicing of vehicles through the use of service schedules so you can plan, schedule, and record vehicle maintenance costs and history.
  • Communicate with field workers via their smartphones rather than installing a dedicated in-vehicle display for every vehicle with i360’s phone messaging.

Imarda understands the challenges of field service management, and works with you to streamline your real-time decision-making capabilities and leverage the latest mobile technology to drive cost and time savings throughout your business.

i360: a mobile resource management solution for every type of fleet.

Customer Challenges

  • I want to know when my staff are on the job, to reduce long service calls and avoid return trips.
  • I want to ensure decision-makers within my business and my customers are kept up to date on the progress of business critical jobs.
  • I want to make sure my staff and business comply with the regulations governing my industry.