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FMS for Transport & Logistics

Fleet optimisation at your fingertips

Maximize your mobile assets with Imarda i360 FMS solutions for Transport and Logistics. Achieve more efficient route optimization, navigation, job scheduling and management. i360's device-agnostic technology means it is now possible to implement cost-effective tracking of vehicles, vans, trucks, construction equipment and staff in a single solution.

Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) for the transport and logistics sector.

Make sure every dollar counts

  • Track your vehicles and mobile staff easily and communicate with drivers using two-way messaging via in-vehicle displays that provide turn-by-turn directions.
  • Know your drivers are safe and your cargo secure with alerts triggered by real-time events sent directly to your screen, email, or phone.
  • Monitor driver behaviour. With i360 you can replay historical vehicle activity, view the path taken by the vehicle, assess your driver's speed and braking behaviour* and monitor for vehicle misuse.
  • Ensure proof of delivery by creating geofences around customer locations to record entry and exit activity to meet your customer's service expectations and agreements and reduce loading cycle times.

i360 a mobile resource management solution for every type of fleet.

With i360 job management you can create and assign jobs to vehicles and drivers on the move, monitor job status in real time, and automate delivery confirmation and invoicing.

*Information collected depends on the hardware device installed in the vehicle and may include speed, time, ignition, geofence entry and exit, harsh braking, accidents, and fuel usage.

Customer Challenges

  • I want to know that my drivers are operating efficiently, safely, and productively.
  • I want to know if my vehicles are costing more to run than they should.
  • I want to know where my vehicles are and be sure my fleet is deployed effectively.