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i360 FMS Cloud-based Telematics Technology Platform

i360 is a next-generation Telematics technology platform.

The i360 FMS Telematics platform allows data from vehicles and mobile personnel to be collected from dedicated in-vehicle devices such as Imarda’s proprietary GPS Tracking Devices (pictured below), as well as other third-party devices and smartphones. A key differentiating feature of the i360 platform is its ActionEngineTM, a flexible ‘rules’ engine that enables business rules and actions to be defined and templated without programming.


Hardware independence

Imarda recognises the importance of creating a platform that is capable of working with a variety of GPS Hardware devices from a variety of manufacturers. You can optimise your investment by selecting from a range of devices based on the functionality you need from each vehicle or asset. Device options include low-cost, waterproof devices, plug-in (self-install), smart phone tracking and rugged hand-held device tracking.

Configuration over customisation

As i360 is a scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, it enables customers to configure i360 to meet their specific business or product needs without requiring expensive third-party customisation. 


Interoperability & Integration

For a business to derive maximum value from a fleet management system it needs to be able to integrate the FMS with other core enterprise systems. The i360 platform gives you complete interoperability with other business-intelligence solutions deployed across your business.

Active, not passive

You can configure i360 to automatically manage your business processes and day-to-day operations without manual intervention. i360 enables you to define business rules that automate common actions allowing them to ‘manage by exception’. This moves away from the need for human analysis and intervention typical of Fleet Management Systems that focus on collecting and aggregating data.



The i360 platform uses the power of Imarda’s third-generation GPS fleet management suite to control what gets done, who does it and how it’s done - so you can see what’s happening in real time.

A report on what went wrong yesterday isn’t much use to your team today. We’ve designed i360 to be an active, not passive, part of your business. It is fully configurable to your needs so you can embed your way of doing things into the i360. i360 takes the action you want it to so you avoid problems and spend less time micro-managing.

i360 works with a wide range of hardware devices, from Imarda’s own in-vehicle GPS Vector range, to the V1000 HD Camera, to third-party GPS-capable devices including mobiles, like the iPhone and Android. So you get the benefits of i360 across your entire fleet and staff.

However, it is important to note that while i360 operates across a wide range of hardware options, the specific features it delivers will depend on the functionality of the hardware installed and used in the vehicle.

Imarda have developed three products under the i360 platform, each product offering a variety of features and benefits. The i360 platform is scalable and configurable depending on the needs of your business.