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FMS for Construction

Protecting your investment

FMS can be game-changing in the construction industry. Your reputation is built on your ability to manage your staff, equipment, and projects to budget and to deadline. Using i360 technology and hardware devices, you can oversee your construction equipment, vehicles, and fixed assets such as containers and on-site staff in real time. Reliable and proven, an i360 mobile resource solution will help you manage your assets efficiently, ensure staff safety, and control expenses. Protect your investment – improve your bottom line.

Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) for the construction sector.

Construction is an expensive business

Protect your investment from misuse, damage, and downtime with i360 fixed hardware solutions for the construction industry.

  • Create alerts and geofences to notify staff of unauthorised use of or tampering with equipment left on the job site or in remote geographical locations.
  • Track equipment activity, fuel usage, and many other operational variables using the extensive range of i360 preconfigured reports to assist in the analysis of performance and cost savings to improve the bottom line of your business.
  • Keep up to date with the latest developments on-site with real-time vehicle status alerts and two–way messaging with your staff.
  • Pro-actively manage the servicing of vehicles through the use of service schedules so you can plan, schedule, and record vehicle maintenance costs and history.

i360’s hardware-agnostic technology supports a wide range of specialized mobile resource management hardware as well as smartphones, allowing construction companies to integrate the i360 solution with existing in-vehicle hardware reducing capital expenditure. Fixed hardware devices provide an additional level of security and data to all your construction vehicles. Imarda offers a range of GPS hardware devices to suit your assets and level of investment.

i360: a mobile resource management solution for every type of fleet.

Customer Challenges

  • I want to be able to monitor vehicle activity and idle times to manage overtime and fuel usage.
  • I want to ensure my equipment is secure when left on-site.
  • I want to know the status of jobs on site to keep my customers informed of progress, issues, and delays.