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Fleet Reporting

Fleet Reporting

i360’s fleet reports provide summary data to enable performance reviews for selected fleets. Reports include:

Over Speed Report

Driving with excessive speed has legal and safety implications as well as impacting on vehicle wear and tear. This report identifies vehicles in a particular fleet that have been recorded as speeding. It shows the peak speed, date, time and location of the speed violation.

Daily/Weekly Utilisation Report

This report lists the activity of all vehicles within a particular fleet for a particular day or across a week. It shows how much time each vehicle was used for and divides the day up into time driving and time stopped. The Utilisation Report is typically used for determining how well a fleet is being utilised and where productivity improvements could be made. While the focus is generally on the working week, reports encompassing weekend vehicle utilisation are also available.

Distance Report

This report lists all vehicles in a fleet and the distance each vehicle has travelled during the selected time period. By determining the distances fleet vehicles are travelling each month, servicing requirements can be more readily assessed and under-utilised vehicles are easily identifiable.


  • Physical output of gathered information
  • Workflow automation
  • Efficiency – right information, right person, right time.
  • Driver login
  • Driver activity
  • Fatigue summary


  • Reduce admin time spent analysing information and running reports
  • Manipulate data in spreadsheets for custom analysis

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