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Fleet Management Systems (FMS)

Imarda operates as part of the broader mobile and internet technology market referred to as 'Fleet Management Systems' (FMS) or 'Mobile Resource Management' (MRM).

FMS and MRM systems combine mobile hardware devices, cellular data communications, GPS tracking and internet-based services to create integrated systems for the remote management of mobile vehicles, mobile workers and other high-value assets.

FMS is the third generation of a technology that began with basic, automated, vehicle location before moving into GPS Fleet Management. In addition to core Fleet Management technologies, FMS solutions provide seamless integration with third-party dispatch systems, vehicle operating diagnostics or driver monitoring for legislation compliance, back-end systems and companies' core business processes.

By deploying Fleet Management Solutions, businesses can gain operational efficiency advantages and realise a rapid ROI. Through the integration of location technologies (GPS and GIS) and enterprise-level business systems FMS creates 'business wisdom' for companies wanting to optimise mobile asset utilisation (trucks, cars, cranes, etc.), workforce productivity and customer satisfaction. MRM systems are used by a range of people within organisations; from senior executives to fleet managers, dispatchers to customer service staff, supervisors to drivers. Each of these people requires different functionality from an FMS system and has different needs.

In general, organisations implement FMS systems to gain visibility into, and control over, the costs and operations of their mobile assets and people in order to manage them more effectively. The longer term benefit of deploying a Fleet Management System is increased revenues and profitability through completing more jobs more efficiently by sweating existing assets.