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i360: a Fleet Management Solution for every type of mobile business.

Imarda has provided world-class Fleet Management Solutions to its customers for more than 10 years. Working with customers with fleets ranging in size from five vehicles to 12,000, across all types of industry, Imarda has developed domain expertise across several industries including transport and logistics, field service, utilities, construction, delivery and waste management.


Transport & Logistics

Maximize your mobile assets with Imarda i360 FMS solutions for Transport and Logistics. Achieve more efficient route optimization, navigation, job scheduling and management...

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Field Service

A robust FMS is of huge importance in a field service organization. Time is of the essence and outstanding customer service is critical in today’s competitive business environment...

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Utilities & Technology

FMS-conscious utilities or tecchnology providers that have deployed Imarda i360 solutions enjoy the end-to-end benefits that only a total mobile resource management solution...

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FMS can be game-changing in the construction industry. Your reputation is built on your ability to manage your staff, equipment, and projects to budget and to deadline...

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Use an FMS to turn around your delivery service. Miles cost money, wasted hours, and fuel, and impact heavily on your customer satisfaction levels. In any delivery business...

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