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Fatigue Management / Electronic Log Book

Fatigue Management

i360’s Fatigue Management module enables companies to proactively ensure compliance with driver fatigue laws. Breaks and driving hours are automatically monitored to ensure that requirements are met on both a daily, weekly and fortnightly basis. Drivers can easily view the hours they have worked and the hours remaining as well as be prompted to take breaks when needed.

Driver Reports

This report shows which vehicles the driver used and the driver activity that occurred with each vehicle on a daily basis. The type of driver activity reported is:

  • Driver logon
  • Starting and ending of breaks
  • Driver logoff, etc.

Usage: This report can be used as an electronic time sheet for driver hours, an audit of their activities, and to monitor driver safety regarding rest breaks and compliance with legislation.


  • Driver prompting when breaks are due
  • Displays hours worked/remaining
  • Recording and alerting of breaches
  • Automated time sheeting and reporting
  • Driver rating
  • Automatically changes status to ‘working’ if vehicle moved or PTO used


  • Reduced compliance costs through reduced admin
  • Prove duty of care compliance and reduce liability risk
  • Improved safety
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