Fatigue Management

Ensure your company complies

Automate your health and safety responsibilities.

In-cab alerts notify drivers of hours worked and prompt upcoming breaks.

Prove your duty of care.

Identify, manage and report compliance information to maintain a high level of safety and reduce your liability risk.

Reduce your administration costs.

Minimise the amount of administration time required to stay compliant and easily record and monitor the hours your drivers are on the road.

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Displays remaining driving hours
Drivers prompted when designated breaks are due
Driver rating
Automated timesheeting and reporting
Breach alerting

Display hours remaining

i360 displays the amount of hours your drivers have remaining, so you can effectively ensure that your company meets fatigue law requirements. The in-cab display ensures drivers are able to view and receive vital information on the road. Drivers can see when their last break was and how much driving time they have left.

Driver prompting

Automated alerts can be set up within i360 to prompt the drivers of your vehicles of the required breaks that must be taken each shift. Within the system you can establish different levels of breaches that each have an associated action. Depending on the level of the breach, managers can be alerted of any drivers not meeting the required break times within their shifts.

Driver rating

Detailed fatigue management reports can be produced within i360 in order to effectively rate the compliance level of each of your drivers. Reports of all shifts worked give you historical views of which of your drivers have met the required break schedule. Drivers are given a rating dependent on the number of breaches they incur while working; any drivers with a consistently poor rating are then highlighted.