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Efficient fuel usage | GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

When every mile [kilometre] counts

When every mile counts

With fuel as one of your largest expenses and global prices rising, every gallon counts. How you manage your fuel usage has a direct impact on your business profits. Being able to monitor driver behavior is instrumental to ensuring your fleet is fuel efficient. Excessive fuel usage through aggressive driving behavior or vehicles left idling is costing your business every minute.

i360 provides a range of solutions to monitor vehicle usage and help management minimize driver activities in ways that will drive cost savings to the bottom line of your business.

  • Monitor driver behavior, identify aggressive driving behavior such as harsh acceleration and load time using i360s driver reporting.
  • Fatigue management is a hidden factor in fuel wastage; tired drivers do not drive as efficiently as those who have taken adequate rest breaks between shifts.
  • Use i360's vehicle reporting to monitor vehicle activity, minimize idle time, and reduce fuel theft when vehicles are located off-site.
  • Replay routes to analyze mileage and speeding and use historical information to inform future route optimisation and planning.
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