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Driver Safety | GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

Safeguard your drivers

Safeguard your drivers

You’re responsible for your driver's safety when they’re on the job. While you cannot eliminate the risks, the i360 cloud platform enables you to monitor driver behavior to help reduce frequency of incidents and protect overall driver safety. Improve driver safety by:

  • Easily associating specific vehicle operations with an individual driver through Driver ID functionality.
  • Recording driver history and customizing reports to capture data required to meet official audit requirements.
  • Reviewing driver behavior and engine diagnostic reports to identify potential staff training opportunities.
  • Integrating the V1000 HD Camera to capture video footage relevant to incidents on the road, protecting your company and your drivers by providing an impartial set of eyes in-cab at all times.
  • Tailoring alerts for your specific vehicle type ie: Hydraulic Arms and PTO’s Tippers, to further safeguard your drivers on the job.

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