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Driver Behaviour

Driver Behaviour

Monitor your driver’s behaviour when they are operating company assets to ensure vehicle longevity and guarantee they are responsibly representing your business to current and potential customers.

i360 is like a window between fleet managers and drivers; it enables effective monitoring of vehicles and driver behaviour to highlight trends in unsafe or unprofitable conduct and communicates areas for improvement to management. i360 provides real-time fleet wide insights into driver speed, mileage, and vehicle use so businesses can operate a more efficient and productive fleet.


  • Monitor driver speeds
  • Identify costly and aggressive driving behaviour
  • View driver behaviour in real time
  • Receive alerts to take action in real time 


  • Reduce safety risks for drivers
  • Verify speed and aggressive driving claims
  • Identify and analyse driver trends
  • Highlight areas for driver re-training
  • Eliminate unauthorised vehicle use



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