Managing Compliance?

Remove guesswork and assumptions

Safeguard Chain of Responsibility (COR)

Demonstrate compliance and manage Chain of Responsibility by providing an audit trail for vehicle, driver, and maintenance compliance.

Proactive management

Reduce potential liabilities relating to speed and hours of service breaches and reduce the likelihood of accidents by reacting to occurrences of non-compliance in real time.

Business efficiency

Create a safe working environment for drivers and spend less time is micromanaging fleet staff and operations by managing compliance with internal and external regulations by exception

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Automated Driver Fatigue Management
Fuel usage & emissions monitoring
Compliance reports at your fingertips
Driver scorecard & advanced driver behaviour
Proactive vehicle servicing

Fatigue Management / Electronic Log Book

i360’s Fatigue Management module enables companies to proactively ensure compliance with driver fatigue laws. Breaks and driving hours are automatically monitored to ensure daily, weekly and bi-weekly compliance.

Service Management

i360’s service manager allows you to systematically manage vehicle servicing to guarantee drivers have a safe environment to work in.

Action Engine™ Business Rules

The ActionEngine™ configures your business rules within i360 to automate time and resource consuming compliance processes.