How tired are your drivers?

It is the responsibility of business owners and fleet managers to ensure their drivers are compliant with hours of service regulations every second they are behind the wheel of a company vehicle. Ensuring compliance with these industry standards ensures the safety of your drivers and other motorists on the road, and verifies organisational liability....

Work smarter in the cloud

When looking at ways to manage a more productive and efficient fleet of vehicles, fleet managers and business owners are increasingly turning to cloud based software to help them and their staff work smarter rather than harder.

Speed monitoring & the results

Drivers who consistently speed in your company vehicles are costing your business money. Speeding tickets, depending on severity, can cost hundreds of dollars per incident, not including the time and resources expended if tickets are contested or result criminal proceedings.

How to improve Customer Service with FMS

Customer-orientated organisations understand that time is a valuable commodity and outstanding customer service is critical in today’s competitive environment. Great customer service helps your business build a loyal customer base and encourages repeat business. In this article we’ve identified 3 ways a fleet management system will enhance your ability to provide superior service to your clients.

Lets Talk Return on Investment

If you are thinking about purchasing a fleet management system, it is important to be aware of the difference between high-end and low-end solutions; not only in cost but also in the functions available and their ability to supply your business critical information in real time. Business owners and managers need to base their purchase decision on the return a FMS investment will bring their business, rather than the cost of implementing the system.

Gutter-Snipe Gutter Cleaners

Gutter-Snipe Gutter Cleaners

We caught up with the owner of Gutter-Snipe Gutter Cleaners to hear how i360 benefits her business.

Infrastructure Management Group

Infrastructure management group

Infrastructure Management Group is a professional road, footpath and kerb survey company who prides themselves on providing the highest quality of data capture possible.

Supplying asset assessment services to over 150 councils, each year thousands of...

Mackay Transit Coaches

Mackay Transit Coaches

We have recently had the pleasure of hearing from Reagon Forsyth of Mackay Transit Coaches on the benefits they’ve gained by using i360 in their buses and coaches.

Mackay Transit Coaches buses are...

Business Critical Technology

Pestrid Pest Control

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Gary Eastwood of Pestrid Pest Control, a couple of weeks ago in Sydney to hear how i360 was adding value to his business.

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