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Work smarter in the cloud

When looking at ways to manage a more productive and efficient fleet of vehicles, fleet managers and business owners are increasingly turning to cloud based software to help them and their staff work smarter rather than harder.

When investing in a cloud-based fleet management system you need to ensure that it meets your current and future operational requirements. Our advice is that you implement a solution capable of integrating with your current business software in order to achieve visibility and connectivity across your entire organisation.

The i360 FMS telematics platform is an intelligent fleet management solution capable of integrating with a wide range of business intelligence systems. By amalgamating your technological resources, i360 enables you to streamline operational processes and automate time consuming decisions and procedures so you can spend less time micromanaging and more time growing your business.

One of our Australian-based enterprise clients is a multi-national organisation managing a fleet of over 2200 vehicles, which meant that the fleet management technology they employed needed to work in conjunction with their existing IT systems rather than outside of them.  This customer found that integrating Imarda’s technology was an easy to manage process which enabled them to increase their return on investment by automating time and resource consuming processes such as order entries, scheduling, dispatching jobs and ticketing. Real-time visibility of company-wide logistics also identified to management a weakness in their supply chain process which upon analysis and improvement, significantly increased the number of jobs each driver was able to complete in a day.

Integrating i360 with your existing software systems enables you, your staff and your vehicles to operate more efficiently and profitably. Business-wide visibility and connectivity identifies and highlights areas of organisational improvement and increases the ROI you can achieve from your fleet management solution.

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