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Vehicle Maintenance Software - Best Practice

Vehicle maintenance software

Reducing vehicle maintenance costs is on every fleet manager’s to-do list, but experience has shown us that this task is one which is easier said than done. Deeper research into the issue indicates there is no clear cut money saving trick here, just steps you can take to reduce potential costs and extend the life of each vehicle.

Adopting a ‘prevention is the best cure’ attitude towards vehicle maintenance is the first step for optimising a vehicle’s safety, quality and lifespan vs. its operational costs. Breakdowns cost organisations more than just a repair fee; every minute a vehicle sits inoperable is a lost opportunity to be servicing clients, not to mention the time, staff and resources taken up dealing with unplanned incidents. Let’s not forget that every breakdown affects the integrity and safety of an asset which your business relies on to operate.

Step two is to implement a preventative maintenance strategy. Preventative maintenance includes scheduled servicing plus inspections and repairs to prevent potential problems and minimise vehicle downtime. Organising such a strategy is simple because regardless of your fleet’s size, there is fleet management software on the market to help you manage each and every one of your vehicles.

It is important to note here that effective maintenance systems will do more than simply remind you of upcoming and overdue servicing. Quality fleet management solutions enable you to proactively manage vehicle maintenance based on a distance, time, or per-hour operating basis, and then records information associated with all services to create a reliable service history, available at the click of a button.

Using preventative maintenance to make better business decisions is step number three in decreasing vehicles operating costs. Fleet managers can use service histories to analyse vehicle issues and determine their root cause – manufacturing, general wear-and-tear, driver related – and implement solutions which would no doubt cost less than an unexpected breakdown.

Preventative maintenance results in safer, more reliable vehicles for staff to use and prolongs the life of a high-value business asset. For more information on how a preventative maintenance strategy can help you decrease vehicle operating costs, contact an Imarda representative today.

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