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Take the headache out of payroll

Accurate payroll

We’ve been hearing some great stories from customers about how i360 has helped them with time-sheeting. Previously they had found it to be a very laborious task, even with quite a small fleet. In service industries, employees will often take the van home at night and go straight to their first job in the morning. In a busy week they may hardly see these employees until they come to drop off time-sheets. And then come the questions – did they really start that early? Did that job really take that long? Just interpreting their handwriting and matching it up against billed jobs can take hours. And being payroll, it’s not something you can defer. 

A simple Stop Report from i360 can change all this. Customers have it emailed out to them as an Excel spreadsheet on payroll morning, and can easily see what time the vehicle moved off in the morning, everywhere it stopped during the day, and what time it returned home. By receiving it as an Excel file, they can add notes and job references and keep one clear record of activity. What people are telling us is that this effectively halves the time they are spending reconciling time-sheets on payroll day.

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