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Speed monitoring & the results

Drivers who consistently speed in your company vehicles are costing your business money. Speeding tickets, depending on severity, can cost hundreds of dollars per incident, not including the time and resources expended if tickets are contested or result criminal proceedings. Furthermore, speeding presents a poor view of your company and brand which your vehicles are advertising to potential customers every time they are on the road and statistics for the past year alone indicate that speeding was a major contributing factor to over 30% fatal road accidents. 

The ability to identify and correct speeding as it happens is critical for creating a safe environment for your drivers to work in. You are responsible for your drivers when they are on the road and effective speed monitoring enables you to safeguard organisational liability while reducing the likelihood of accidents. Drivers are less likely to speed when they know you have the ability to ‘check-in’ at any given time, as well as pull speed reports for any trip they make in a company vehicle.

Intelligent GPS fleet management systems enable you to monitor and report on your fleets speed events on a per driver, per vehicle, per trip basis, as well as alerting you to speed limit violations in real time. Such functions provide business critical insight into vehicle longevity and driver trends, while highlighting areas of concern and non-compliance to management. They also reliably validate any speeding tickets or claims made by other motorists within minutes, enabling you to make timely and informed business decisions.

Speed monitoring and reporting is a common pain point for our customers because current processes are often time consuming and lack reliable tangible results. In particular i360 has revolutionised speed management for one of our Australian enterprise customers by automating their vehicle monitoring and reporting processes. This customer uses our system to manage speed compliance by exception; drivers are operating company vehicles within the acceptable speed limit unless the system notifies designated staff members otherwise, and schedules to demonstrate and validate this activity are automatically generated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Our customer identified a significant decrease in the number of speed breaches within one month of installing i360.

For more information on how our i360 fleet management system can enable you to proactively manage your driver’s compliance with speed regulations, please contact an Imarda representative today.

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