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3 ways i360 will save your business time

We all know that time equals money; therefore it’s safe to say that time saved is money saved – a task at the top of the to-do list for every business owner or manager. As valuable as our time is, it is a resource which constantly seems to run out so we’ve highlighted 3 ways our intelligent telematics platform, i360 can save your business and staff time, and therefore money.


Time spent micro-managing vehicles and fleet staff in order to have a reliable ‘view’ of your operations can be a tiresome and endless task which often provides very little tangible results. Our focus at Imarda is to automate as many of our customer’s time consuming decisions and processes as possible.  i360 removes the need for micro-management by allowing clients to manage by exception; your operations are in order unless the system alerts you otherwise.

 Instant access to data

Accessing business critical information can be a time-strenuous process. For instance, the time taken to manually locate and collate a specific vehicles service and repair history for utilisation and analyse can be huge, especially if the same information is required for 100 vehicles. Business owners and managers need information, and they need it now – a report on what went wrong yesterday isn’t much use to the team today. i360 reliably collects, collates and neatly presents this data in real time so that your staff no long has to.


Inefficient routing and navigation can be a wasteful and costly use of driver’s time. Optimising the time spent driving from point A to point B decreases the time taken to get to and complete a job, while increasing customer service and reducing fuel usage and vehicle wear and tear. Features within i360 such as Route To, 2-Way Messaging and Navigation and Live Tracking means that office staff and drivers have the ability to identify, communicate and take/monitor the most efficient route for jobs resulting each minute of company time being used to the maximum benefit of the business.

These are just a few ways implementing Imarda’s flexible fleet management solutions will save your business time. If you would like to find out more about how i360 can work for your business, get in touch with us today.

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