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ROI vs. Cost

fleet management return on investment

Does your business focus more on cost rather than ROI? We see many companies looking at the cost of solutions rather than focusing on their return on investment.

Take for instance a trucking company with 40 trucks. Each truck is travelling 1000km per day averaging 2km per litre of fuel. This approximates to $30,000 of fuel spend per day, $900k per month or $10M per year.

Putting in a GPS Fleet Management System with an advanced Engine Management System interface should easily identify cost savings of $100K (1%) and more likely closer to 5% ($500k) this makes the cost of such a system easily justifiable on fuel savings, let alone reduction in vehicle wear and tear (tyres, gearboxes, brakes, etc) and the other benefits systems such as ours provides.

ROI is what counts, not the cost of the system. Interested to see your potential ROI? Try our calculator today.

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