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Proof of Compliance

Does your business have Service Level Agreements with customers where you need to provide regular updates proving that work has been completed?

Demonstrate proof of compliace

Here are some Google Earth exports from one of our contracting company customers showing, in this first instance, that they mowed around the cricket pitch and did not travel on it. Also captured is the duration of the operators breaks, and the distance travelled in undertaking the mowing task.

Demonstrate proof of compliance

In this second instance the contractor is “keeping the grass off” road side markers by spraying around the markers as they drive along the road. The GPS devices fitted into the tractors and trucks capture every time the mower or sprayer is used along with time, location and the path travelled thus providing an audit history and ability to easily prove the activity was carried out.

It is even possible to create virtual boundaries around keep out areas and notify drivers in real time that they are entering no spray areas thus proactively taking action to prevent incorrect activity. Additionally should the sprayer be activated within that boundary, then alerts can be instantly sent to supervisors for action to be taken.

The flexibility of i360 enables us to provide unique proof of compliance solutions for our customers.

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