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Optimised for Speed

In line with our continued effort to deliver our customer’s a user friendly experience, we undertook speed-based performance analysis on i360 before and after the 13.2 upgrade, which has returned some very pleasing results.

We tested page loading times across our four optimised browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 and 10, and Chrome. The tests were run out of Auckland, New Zealand and were completed with a real user from one of our Australian enterprise clients. The test focused on three fleet sizes: 347 vehicles, 24 vehicles, and 4 vehicles.

Below is the increase of page loading times between i360 version 13.1 and 13.2:


The results indicate an increase in performance across the four selected browsers. With this is mind we took a look at what browsers our customers are using:


It’s great to see that the majority of our users are using one of our optimised browsers and can observe the performance benefits included in the latest release. 

At Imarda we are committed to on-going updates in usability, performance, and further optimising our software for use on the latest versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. For more information on the 13.2 upgrade you can download release notes from the support section of i360.

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