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Misconceptions about GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS tracking misconceptions

The decision to install GPS vehicle tracking software is one that is never made lightly by fleet managers and business owners. We’ve compiled some of the most common, and reasonable, objections for installing these systems and used our experience to demonstrate a more encouraging side of the story.

1. We don’t need GPS vehicle tracking because we trust our people.

One of the biggest worries for a fleet manager installing GPS vehicle tracking software is that drivers will feel their privacy is being breached.  Truth is, GPS vehicle tracking is not about monitoring employees every move. These systems are installed to obtain useful but usually inaccessible vehicle information in order to develop a more efficient, productive and safer work environment. Information gathered results in improved dispatch and routing data (which benefits employees by giving them the ability to complete more jobs in a day) and is a reliable source of information when facing traffic violations or customer disputes. Once employees understand why the technology is important, they can embrace the benefits it has for them as well as the business.

2. My company can’t afford a GPS vehicle tracking system.

In the current economic climate, we know that cost is a concern at the forefront of a fleet manager’s mind. While it is important to be aware of the upfront hardware and recurring fees associated with fleet management systems, it is critical to assess the return on investment you are likely to receive by implementing the software. Within the first few months, fleet managers can see how the systems are saving them time and money. Systems tend to pay for themselves by identifying inefficiencies in the field which are costing hundreds or thousands of dollars per month – ineffective routing and excess engine idling to name a few! But these savings are just the tip of the iceberg. Once operational processes have been streamlined and you are operating in business wisdom, you can begin to automate processes and manage by exception and this is where you will see your ROI significantly increase. GPS vehicle tracking systems increase the profitability and productivity of your business.

3. GPS vehicle tracking doesn’t make sense for a small company.

Any business with mobile assets to keep track of (whether it’s 1 or 12,000 vehicles) will benefit from access to real-time and reliable information from the field. If your business relies on vehicles to get the job done, as a fleet manager you need to know where those vehicles are now, where they have been, what they are doing and how they are doing it. Taking advantage of this information presents a clear picture of your operations and provides insight into optimising operational processes and enhancing the service you provide.

Key points to note here is that you need to find a solution which is suitable for your business now, but flexible enough to manage as your business grows as well. Appropriate software for a $30b enterprise may not be suitable for a one man business so it is important that any system you implement can be scaled to your needs. Great tracking systems give you the ability to operate in business wisdom; the software is working for you rather than the other way around.

4. GPS vehicle systems are complicated to install and use.

Fleet managers worry that installing and managing tracking systems will take more time than they have. The good news is fleet tracking systems usually comprise of the same components: A GPS device installed in each vehicle and a user interface (web-based or otherwise) which categorises and displays information for the user. Cloud based platforms are ever-present in the industry and is where time and money savings are identified. Space is virtually unlimited for users on these platforms and the ease of set-up and software integration features make install and use relatively simple on a variety of devices. Once you’re up and running, access to real-time information is as simple as entering a username and password.

Reputable and experienced GPS vehicle tracking companies design tracking systems with the end user in mind and work with organisations to:

  • Implement the fleet management solution as seamlessly as possible.
  • Create an intuitive, easy to navigate solutions optimised for the user.
  • Provide knowledgeable, accessible technical and sales support to cover any issues.

View our demo video or try our calculator to see the benefits GPS tracking can have in your organisation.

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