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Compliance Management

Fleet management systems are vital for improving the productivity and profitability of your drivers and company vehicles; but as a business owner or fleet manager, how do ensure that your mobile physical resources and assets are compliant with industry, legal and company mandates 100% of the time?

How do you guarantee each of your drivers is within their regulated hours of services, every time he/she gets behind the wheel?

How do you monitor vehicle speeds on a per driver and per trip basis?

How much money is non-compliance costing your organisation?

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest whitepaper “Imarda i360: Managing fleet-wide compliance.” This is an informational tool for business owners and fleet managers to identify how i360 can be used to ensure fleet-wide compliance with internal and external regulations.

When you rely on vehicles to operate your business, the ability to monitor and guarantee driver, vehicle and environmental compliance with industry, legal and company mandates is vital for driving the productivity and profitability of your fleet. Effective compliance management enables you to provide a safe working environment for your staff while increasing the lifespan of your vehicles, decreasing operational costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

i360 takes away the hassle of monitoring driver and vehicle compliance by enabling business owners and fleet managers to manage by exception – your fleet and staff are operating within acceptable company, driver, vehicle and environmental regulations unless real time alerts identify otherwise.

Click here to view our compliance management whitepaper. 

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