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Just in time complexity

Latest i360 release

Imarda customers can expect a new version of i360 early in the new year, with work on the latest release coming to a close.

Building upon an already a strong feature set, we have focused on improving usability for all types of customers.

Our users range from large companies with thousands of vehicles who use i360 to solve complex business problems, to small business’s with one or two vehicles who only use basic GPS tracking. Its important that each of these users are not limited to their requirements. The complex users should not be stuck with a system that’s hard to use, and neither should the basic users be excluded from using greater levels of functionality.

To address this issue we have set out to deliver ‘just in time complexity’ – Ease of use for all customer types with the ability to drill down into greater levels of functionality when required.

The latest i360 release is another step in this direction and one we are excited to get into our customers hands shortly.

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