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Introducing Swaytech

In the past 12 months Imarda has been looking at smart ways to scale operations to be able to support the volume of new customers we are on-boarding and our big plans for the future.

We have begun working with a number of companies in a wider group that have complementary strengths and a range of expertise; across customer support, operations, legal, finance, and sales and marketing. By working together as a group each company is able to myopically focus on our specialist area and leverage the inputs of the other group members to ensure superior outcomes, across the board. All the companies in the group wipe their faces with external clients and projects. This ensures that each company stays competitive and is able to offer real value to the group.

Earlier in the year several companies in the group relocated to the Imarda building. Today we thought we’d introduce one of the key companies Imarda works with: Swaytech. Swaytech is a full-service boutique marketing agency specialising in the field of technology.

Our people at Swaytech help us as well as external clients with marketing efforts, from marketing reasearch and strategy, all the way through to full web design and development. They’ve also got a great production studio that turns our pie in the sky ideas into beautiful ads, websites, and more.

When they’re not helping us, they’ve also done work for some familiar faces around the NZ tech scene like Fronde, Orion Health, and Ingram Micro - and are responsible for putting together the NZ Hi-Tech Awards every year.

Swaytech offices

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